Make Your Home “Pretty” With This Sale Prep List

So how do you prep your house for sale? Fix what’s broken and then dive into making it pretty. Prepping your home for the market is one of the toughest things you will do throughout the home selling process, and making your home pretty is a cornerstone of success for any first-time home seller.

We make a custom list of Home Sale Prep details for every home-seller client. The goal for all of our listings is to help buyers visualize themselves living in the home and to have them literally fall in love, from the moment they see it online to when they open the door and walk inside. Your house needs to lure the buyer with every aspect of its presentation.

Home Sale Prep: How to Make Your Home Pretty

Meet with my trusted home staging partners and find out what are the best items to make your home pretty for the sale. Here is a good start for your own Home Sale Prep list:

  • First Step: DECLUTTER. Purge and Pack. Closets, counters, drawers, bedrooms, bathrooms… everything! Unsure where to begin? Grab a copy of my decluttering guide here.
  • Reorganize bookshelves to make them look as tidy and sharp as possible.
  • Put out some throw pillows to provide pops of color and texture in living areas.
  • Put black mulch and fresh flowers in the front yard to make photos pop.
  • A beautifully planted flower pot strategically placed makes it look like you went the extra mile.
  • Update old light fixtures or update fixtures for continuity of design.
  • Remove dead or lackluster plants.
  • Update outdated bathroom and kitchen fixtures.
  • In the bathroom, put out an orchid and fresh towels to give it that “spa” feel. If you can’t decide on a towel color, go with classic white.
  • Make the master bedroom luxurious.
  • Clean all of the windows inside and out.
  • Redo the caulk around the tub, toilets, sinks.
  • Clean and/or replace the carpets.
  • Refinish hardwood floors if possible.
  • Check with us for any items

Final Home Sale Prep: Professional Home Staging

You’ve done the basic list of Home Sale Prep. Now you need to decide if you want to stage the home (which means moving out), or if you intend to stay in the home and have my staging partners come in and re-stage it.

Staging the Home Means More Money in the Seller’s Pocket

Staging is the ideal scenario for making your home look market-ready. The below analysis shows that a staged home will typically make the seller at least $18,000 more than their competition.

Unstaged/Vacant Homes = $1,049,000
Poorly Staged and Owner-Occupied Homes = $1,063,000
Staged Homes = $1,167,000

By my team and I investing up to $5,000 to prepare your home for sale could mean an extra $18,000-$24,000!

Re-stage With Your Cool Stuff and Artwork

Some of our sellers live in a world of stunning perfection. Their furniture fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of the home. And some just live in a bubble of chaos. Never fear, we always have a plan. Here are some pointers:

  • In the bathrooms, fresh white towels and an orchid give the space a little extra, spa-like feeling.
  • Learn the art of the throw pillow and keep ’em fluffy.
  • Minimize your artwork to some strategic and cohesive pieces and reorganize the bookshelves.
  • Make the master bedroom dead sexy!
  • Set the dining room table, if appropriate.

As usual, check-in with us when you’re done (or think you are done), and we’ll come in and make the final staging look perfect. Once your home is all decked out and ready to go on the market, we can then focus on the marketing.

Check out our guide below on how to make your home irresistible to homebuyers online: Click here.

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