How to Sell Your Home

I invest in your home, paying upfront for repairs, painting and staging. Other agents? Not likely.

Fix What's Broken

If you fix what’s broken in your home before you list, it can help prevent issues on offer night and later at closing. However, looking objectively at one’s home can be overwhelming for a first-time home seller. It is much less so when one has an actionable list of things to fix before the sale. This guide will show you exactly what is done to get your home ready for the market.


Make It Pretty

Do you want your home to sell for an extra $24,000? When talking about how staging can help your home sell for more money, we are talking about some serious cash! One of the smartest investments I do is to hire the best property stylists to stage your home to perfection.

Market The Heck Out of It

The final couple of days before the home goes on the market the team is doing a ton of marketing preparation. As soon as the staging is finished, the photographer goes in to showcase the home in its best light. The photos are then turned it into blogs, videos, social media posts, email marketing, and more.



Typical questions about what’s included in the commission

Yes. I will pay up front for any repairs and painting that I think are needed to present your home in its best possible light in order to get you the most amount of money possible for your home.

Yes. 100%. Any agent that charges extra for staging is taking advantage of you (just my opinion).

Absolutely. There is also a virtual tour that can be viewed in virtual reality glasses.

My typical commission is 5% which includes repairs, painting, staging, and anything else that I think needs to be done in order to sell your home for the most amount of money possible.

That depends on if your home does not need anything done to get it in show-stopping condition. I have very high standards for how I expect a home to be presented on the open market.